At Hamilton Ranches, family is the key ingredient to our success. With four generations of Hamilton men and women, you are sure to get a product that has been handled with care and supported with decades of knowledge & experience. The combination of California’s rich soil, the Hamilton’s expertise and their innovative and patented machinery make for some of the greatest walnuts and pecans ever grown in the West. Just one of the many Hamilton differences.

Make sure you visit Hamilton Ranches and meet the family behind it all:

Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton has been a vital part of Hamilton Ranches for the last 45 years. Dave works with the dehydrators at the ranch.  He will test their walnuts for moisture percentage to insure they are at the required moisture before shipping the commodities out to the buyers. Dave and his wife Angela also handle the accounting for the ranch. Off the ranch, Dave spends time at his hunting club. He enjoys training and hunting with his world champion German Shorthair Pointers. He is President of the North American Gun Dog Association based in Colorado. Dave is also a Director on the Sequoia Walnut Growers Association. He and his wife also enjoy traveling.

Dave can be reached at: [email protected].

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton has been with the ranch for 35 years and he handles the farming part of Hamilton Ranches. He also works in other areas of the operation. He takes care of where to take the dehydrator hulls and organic by-products. He is our Mechanical Engineer and has experience with Computer Aided Drafting. When not on the ranch, he is an avid tournament fisherman. He enjoys fishing all over Central California. He also enjoys going up to the family cabin at Weston Meadows near Hume Lake.

Chris can be reached at: [email protected].