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The finest commercial pecan. Sold in thirty pound vacuumed sealed cases.

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James Earle Fraser was only 17 when he designed and first sculpted the weary “End of Trail” in 1894.

It was for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915…

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California Pecans for Bakeries, Distributors, and Consumers

Hamilton Ranches is well known around the world for producing premium California pecan meats. With their patented pecan meat dryer they remain one of the top innovators in the industry and continue to lead the industry in processing the best pecans around the world.

Buy California Pecans direct!!! Hamilton Ranches Pecans have the verities you and your customers crave; Fancy Mammoth Halves, Fancy Junior Halves, Fancy Jumbo Halves, Fancy Chipped Halves. Fancy pieces in; small, medium, large, small/medium, medium/large, Fluff and Midget sizes.

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