At Hamilton Ranches, family is the key ingredient to the unmistakable golden California pecans. With four generations of Hamilton men and women, you are sure to get a product that has been handled with care and supported with knowledge. The combination of California’s rich soil, the Hamilton’s’ expertise and their innovative machinery make for some of the greatest pecans ever grown in the West. Just one of the many Hamilton differences.

Make sure you visit Hamilton Ranches and meet the family behind it all: Jim, Chris, Jerry, and David.

Jim Hamilton

Born and raised right here in the Central San Joaquin Valley, Jim Hamilton is the owner and original founder of Hamilton Ranches, Inc. His grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the area and the first to grow crops. Four generations have worked together successfully to turn Hamilton Ranches into one of the most prominent and innovative plants around. On the ranch, his experience and knowledge has helped him engineer and build the many pieces of equipment that run his business, including one that is patented as his own invention. As a retired Board Member of Diamond Foods and past Board Member of the National Pecan Shellers Association, Jim works to market authentic, golden California pecans to the world. You can ask Jim any questions at

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton, Jim’s youngest son, is the Pecan Processing General Manager based in Visalia at Hamilton Ranches. With the ranch since 1985, he has worked in other areas as well as a Mechanical Engineer and has experience with Computer Aided Drafting. In his current role, Chris sets the pecan market prices, as well as, manages the purchasing and sales of all pecan products. Chris also works on marketing and introducing Hamilton Ranches pecans worldwide. He serves as a Board Member of the California Pecan Growers Association. When not on the ranch, he enjoys coaching his sons and little league teams and is a golfer like his father. Chris can be reached at


David Hamilton

David Hamilton, another one of Jim’s sons, has been a vital part of Hamilton Ranches for the last 30 years. Dave works with the dehydrators at the ranch and keeps track of where farmers want to send and test their nuts before shipping the commodities out to the buyers. Dave and his wife Angela have also handle the accounting for the ranch for several years now. Off the ranch, Dave spends time at his hunting club, training his world champion German short hair retrievers and plays softball as well as coaches one of our town’s high school girl’s softball team. Dave can be reached at