At Hamilton Ranches, we shell, dry, and store our pecans at our locally owned and family operated facility, located in Visalia California. We only use the best methods to ensure you get the highest quality California grown pecan.

Our Taste

Our rich and buttery pecans will have your taste buds dancing! Our pecans maintain the highest quality when their moisture is slightly reduced using our own patented Hamilton Ranches Pecan Continuous Shuttle Dryer. All of our pecan meats get graded and sampled by hand to ensure their highest quality.

Our Color

Only in California will you get a pecan that resembles our California sunsets. Our pecans will be the star attraction to any dish; regardless if they are baked, chopped, roasted, or just served raw.  Our facility is equipped with high-tech color sorters that removes discolored pecan meats and only accepts that California golden colored pecan to ensure quality in every bag.

Our Size

These nuts are the prime rib of the nut industry…big and packed with some serious flavor!!! Our pecans are grown in the same rich soil that supports the nutrition and growth of the world’s largest Giant Redwoods. Hamilton Ranches pecan trees can reach mammoth sizes, which supports the production of a mammoth size nut.

Size: Halves Per pound
Mammoth: 250 or Less
Junior Mammoth: 251-300
Jumbo: 301-350